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Inferno (Limbo - The Innocent Souls)

Inferno (Limbo - The Innocent Souls)


Original Collage

Collage and acrylic on bristol

9" x 6"

unframed collage


The collage process involves working inside a set of rules.  In the case of the Inferno series those rules entailed sourcing all material from a single image from Duré's illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy, figures (Dante, Virgil, etc.) should be omitted, the selections must consist mostly of parallel lines, and in the collage those lines should be set down horizontally. The result are images that evoke a feeling of being on the cusp, with something lurking out of view, but whose presence can still be felt.


On the reverse of each collage is the title and inscription from the original illustration. On this piece: “Limbo - The Innocent Souls | Lost are we, and are only so far punished that without hope we live on in desire.”



  • Product Info

    This is an original artwork, and as such, a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.  Made from black acrylic paint spread over bristol with the collage pasted over top. The collage is 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  You will receive it unframed; because the composition is so dependant on the elements relating to each other as well as the edges, I suggest framing it in a floating frame.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Once artworks are shipped there are no returns or refunds.  All sales are final.

    It is important to remember that original artwork is a handmade object and as such has a great deal of texture, marks and other evidence of being made by hand.  In some ways these features could be perceived as imperfections, but they are part of what lends artwork value.  Colors should be considered approximate on the website as monitor's resolution and color reproduction varies greatly. 

    Great care will be taken in the packing of artwork, but the seller is not responsible for damage that occurs in shipping. 

  • Shipping Info

    Most orders will ship within 72 hours via UPS Ground (4-7 business days).  Cost of shipping is standardized per product and will be automatically calculated for each international order. Great care will be taken in the packing of artwork, but the seller is not responsible for damage that occurs in shipping.

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